Center For Occupational & Environmental Medicine  
Michael R Harbut, MD, MPH, FCCP

Diagnosing and treating illnesses of the environment and workplace caused by chemicals, dusts, molds and other toxins.


PCB Exposure

Hard Metals Disease
Diseases caused by contact with hard metals such as cobalt and titanium which are often found in cutting tips and in "hard metals" manufacturing.

Diseases caused by exposure to mold and the toxic gasses emitted by some species of mold.

Agent Orange Exposure
A research scientist at the Michigan Agent Orange Commission, Dr. Harbut has participated in research activities as well as provides treatment for Vietnam-Era Veterans with this exposure.

Sick Building Syndrome
Often new buildings and new furnishings will off-gas chemical substances in the family of organic solvents.

The approach to this syndrome is complex, but often involves a multi-system approach.

Arsenic Exposure
Arsenic exposure has been associated with causing cancers, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, skin diseases and abdominal pain, among other manifestations.

Arsenic is found in toxic quantities throughout Michigan's well water. COEM is a collaborator in the Arsenosis Registry of the U.S. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology.

Illness related to Breast Implants
The subject of enormous social and legal dispute, recent published studies have shown that there are negative health effects from silicone gel (and saline) breast implants.

Ranging from asthma to increased cancer rates (when compared to other plastic surgery patients) diseases in this patient population cannot be cured by lawyers and courts, but require a scientific and compassionate approach.

Industrial Exposures

Disease caused by exposure to silicone.

Diseases caused by exposure to asbestos.

Work related or environmentally related asthma.

Multiple Chemical Sensivity
Although this syndrome controversial in it's description and causes, it is a reality that some persons react strongly to the inhalation of chemicals.

Our approach to persons with MCS is based in the most recent and reliable science and in human compassion

Latex Allergy
Health care workers are at special risk for this allergic response which left untreated can be life threatening.